I’m on a mission,
A goal I must complete.

I can choose two roads,
Stand up tall,
Or take a seat.

I choose my own path!
Wave a white flag,
Or compete.

Life is crazy,
How it can keep you low beyond belief…

But, when you complete that goal,
Stand up tall,
And compete.
Life can really be one of the sweetest treats.


The Longest Wait

I sat waiting,
Days on end.
I was nervous I could not pretend.
Paitently walking,
Around the room and down the halls,
Back and forth to get some food.
Stuffing my face.

Full of well priced meals and cheap treats.
I was eating at an unstoppable pace.
Almost like it was a race.

I thought I was patient and walking calmly,
I’m sure I was marching around,
Like a tired, nervous wreck
Who had not slept.

With way too much on my mind.

But I guess many people here stumble around,
With that same glassed over look.
Information goes in one ear and out the other.

Yes, surely this building is full of people,
Experiencing the same feeling if not worse.
No surely worse.

For me a little worry but everything will be alright.

One day turned to two
Two to three
One more day will surely undo me.

Those people,
They came in every hour.
Trying new things,
Always taking the time to explain to me.

Finally on day four,
They said to me,
Come quick, come quick!

Really come and see.

I rush over from the couch in the corner.
The couch that I made into my bed,
My little entertainment center.
To pass the time,
The slow creeping time.
The time that you do not realize how much you have.
Until you are not working, or going to school.
But, just waiting…


Its coming its coming,
Help out ,
Grab a leg and help her push.
Inducing labor can take days!


This is truly the final push.

20 minutes later,
They pull the baby out.
They shout.

Cheers all about.



I feel the rage of boredom brewing,
That feeling,
Of being frustrated by lack of something…
Something entertaining my brain.
A book?
A video game?
Something is all I ask.
I’m trying to make this time go,
Because if I don’t, I’m not sure I will last.


I Should Write

I have not written in quite some time.
I have not been compelled to write a rhyme.
Is it right not to write?
Well surely no I should write even though.
My brain has not come to the show.
You know?

I should write,
Tired, or sick.
Stressed or mad,
Busy or not,
These are simply not an excuse.
But yet I seem to use it daily,
Instead of writing I drink,
Unitil I can smell the whiskey,
Wafting up from my mouth.
Vision blurred,
Words slurred.
Yet again,
When my life feels in the bin,
Maybe that is the perfect time to write.
Or perhaps I’ll ramble on like a drunken loon.
Either way I should write real soon.  


Tremble-Ready set POEM

I remember when we first kissed,
Locked inside a crowded bathroom,
Inside a noisy house.

Party raging,
Music thumping through the walls,
Through the floorboards.

The smell of alcohol on your breath.
My face numb as I smashed it against yours.
We had both waited for this moment, for so long.

Nothing could stop the tremble of my hands.


via Daily Prompt: Tremble




What I do not get is,
People read something online.
Some read it and are happy,
Some read it and are mad,
But they share,
To their friends,
To their family,
To their coworkers.
Bosses even.

They share like it is a fact,
They add what they feel,
You read what they type,
You can,
Smell the hate,
Taste the joy.
Hear their boos,
Hear their cheers.

They share the most preposterous webpages,
From shady sites,
Unheard of.

Then they go out and spew these articles,
Verbatim, as they are facts to be believed.
The ones who know the answer,
Or smell the falseness,
Do not want to correct their friend,
Family member.
So they let them carry on.

Some do not question these facts,
They just passionately believe.
On the brink of fighting over it.
The article was fake,
Or skewed.
To get that reaction out of you.
You have been played.
You walk around saying you are intelligent,
But do not realize you look like a joke.

We live in a world with an abundance of information,
So if you take one thing away,
From my writing today.

Think before you share,
If you are not sure.
If this article or this post,
Is really true.
Take 2 minutes,
Search away,
Find out if that thing really happened today.
Share what is true,
Move on if its fake.
Me? You do not need to thank,
Just do this for your own sake.