My Future Little Orc

I’m a great orc,

Says I the great dork.


Who plays MMO’s,

and watches silly shows.

You know,

I love hockey too,

Skating around and cutting through.


This is what I need in life,

I’m lucky I have found a wife.

About to have a little orc,

Delivered from that soaring stork.


Maybe that little Orc,

He will be a little dork. 


Who will play MMO’s,

Sit and watch silly shows.

He would be just like me, 

Maybe even hockey?


That would be cool you know. 


But if he doesn’t like MMOs

Or even those silly shows

I’ll still love and show,

Everything that I know. 
I’ll still tuck him in at night.

Still love him with all my might. 

He would still be worth the fight. 

I’ll always love him my little orc. 

My second half my little dork. 


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