A Day I Would Like to Forget-Daily Writing Prompt

Many have a day they would like to forget.

For most there probably is more than one.

One of mine, started like any other day.

I had just moved up the California Coast,

Maybe two hundred miles from my hometown.

I got up drank cup after cup of coffee.

I took a stroll to the public library down the road,

Got online and browsed for jobs open in the area.

We had moved with a meager savings, and no jobs.

Not the brightest of ideas, but we were happy to get away.

After submitting a few applications.

I took my leave and decided to take the long way home.

Cutting down to walk along the shore,

Smell of the ocean permeated my nostrils.

I got back home, warmed up my old TV and decided to play some video games.

Lazy living was feeling good.

Few hours passed and I had noticed I had nothing to cook for dinner.

My wife and I piled in our car and drove to the nearest grocery store.

We stocked up on our cheap food like chicken drumsticks, instant potatoes and Top Ramen.

As we were headed to the car to return home,

Bzzzz Bzz bzzzz Bzz

My phone vibrated in my pocket.

It was my mother.

I answered it with a hint of annoyance,

An annoyance that only a young teen could have

All I heard was tears on the other side.

“I just want you to know your best friend died last night.” She said




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