I’m always worrying about the future,
And what tomorrow may hold.
It is a stupid thing in my opinion, to worry about the future.
If I must worry, I should worry about the present.
As the present time is shaping my very future.
I should worry about what I’m doing now!

See, that is the thing though,
It is so easy to just worry about the future, then focus on the here and now.
Saying I’ll do it tomorrow on the things I should be doing, or have been doing.
I know this, but yet I worry about the future,
Or brood upon the past.
I think I should start focusing on the present,
As the past is the past,
The present wont last,
And the future is coming towards so very fast.
Yes I will start living in the present, to shape a better future me.

As it is almost evening,

I guess I’ll start tomorrow morning.


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