The Creature Under My Bed

I was awoken to the sound of shifting litter in the litter box, this sound being normal to me; I rolled over to fall back asleep. The sound did not stop and as I drifted farther from that wonderful sleep. I realized I had put my cat down that prior day. So I no longer had a cat. I sat up, the darkness of the room pressing upon my skin. My skin prickled, with fear. I leaned over to turn my light on my night stand on.

Click, Click, Click

I rotated the switch but no light. Now fear had grabbed a hold of me, I jumped from my bed, quick as flash. Flicked the switch to my ceiling fan on. A sudden flash of light with a crack! The bulb had gone out. Telling myself everything is fine not to worry, I went down my hall tracing the wall with an outstretched hand. I arrived at my kitchen, hands trembling I fumbled in the drawer to find a flash light. Finding one I pressed the button down, nothing happening I cursed under my breath. “Candle it is” rummaging in the same drawer as the flashlight I found a box of matches. Lit one and then proceeding to light the candle on my kitchen table. As I brought the match close to the candle a screeching howl came from the back of my house. With it, an Icy cold wind traveled through the kitchen blowing the match out.

I should just leave that scream came from my bedroom, but part of me was curious. It was like an itch, and I wanted to scratch it. I needed to know. I lit another match, this time with no problems. I proceeded to light the candle. A round fragrant candle the smell of pine wafted upward. This was not the ideal candle to light ones way.

I headed down the hallway in what felt like the longest journey I had ever made. Each step inching closer to my bedroom door. I could see a curtain moving gently from the open window. This sent chills up my spine as I did not open my window before bed. I made it to the bedroom, I saw a small creature dart from my dresser to under my bed.

I got on all fours inching to the side of my bed to peer under, candle in my hand I used it to shine some light on the creature. Two eyes staring back at me I realized this was my cat. With my other hand I reached out making a clicking noise to come. How could this be happening? I thought. As I got closer to the creature it shape shifted before my eyes. The two innocent eyes staring at me became, evil, angry eyes. A slimy cold hand grabbed my outstretched one pulling me under the bed. I dropped the candle falling on its side the hot wax oozed on the carpet. The flame burned the carpet, growing it began to touch my mattress above. I was trying to wiggle free, screaming for help. The flame growing it was beginning to burn my side.The hands grip not loosening. Bigger and bigger the flames seemed to be everywhere. The flame growing beginning to engulf my body I heard evil laughter. “You…will…burn” said an ominous hissing voice.

I had fought as much I could, the pain becoming unbearable I began to settle for the inevitable. Suddenly I felt strong hands on my ankles and with one swift motion I was pulled from under the bed and staring into a bright light. I was thrown over a shoulder and carried out of my building.

I woke again laying on a gurney in the back of an ambulance. “What were you doing in there?” Said one of the men. “I..I uh don’t know” I stammered. “Well you almost died.” Said the man. “I saw something under my bed.” I said the memory starting to trickle back. “Your cat was found under the bed but we were unable to save it. I’m really sorry.” The man said this looking down at his feet. “But…but I put my cat down just the other day.” I said dazed. “Well your neighbors said you have not left the house in weeks, reason why they were so quick to call 911 when they heard a commotion…But why don’t you relax for a bit we are nearly to the hospital.”



Sorry this is not my usual writing. I’m very sick today but still wanted to produce some type of writing. I wrote this very quickly but wanted to have some eerie aspect to today’s writing. If you feel this is complete shit I do apologize and feel free to let me know in the comments. 🙂 Have a wonderful day!

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