Best Memory of 2016

2016 has been a rough year to say the least. It is highlighted with some good, like my wife being pregnant with our first child. 🙂 One memory stands out the most though. For me that would be our second anniversary, which was a trip to Seattle for the weekend. It was an absolute blast of a trip.  We left on a Saturday and Returned Sunday. Short and sweet. Us living in CA it is only about a 1hr flight. See some of my favorite photos from our adventure. What is your best memory of 2016?


Got to have a plane shot! 🙂


Taken from our hotel in the heart of the city.


This was the Hot Bitch from Biscuit Bitch. This place is a must go if you travel to Seattle. We are going to back to Seattle soon again for the food. Seattle’s food is truly wonderful.


These shots were taken at a super awesome museum called EMP a must go.


Then just some shots of the city. I actually did not take to many photos on this trip. I was trying to limit how much I was on my phone etc. I just wanted to enjoy the little time my wife and I had, away from CA away from all worries of life.


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