Daily Prompt: Calm Before the Storm

I signed those papers in 2011,

Picked my job,

Passed my physical.

Shortly after I was put on an Aircraft,

and sent away.

To this day,

I remember it well.

I landed in Texas everything seemed fine.

I was told to wait for a bus,

So I sat with others to pass my time.

Patiently waiting.

Eyes darting around.

Making eye contact with others

Conveying the same feelings,

The time had come and we all,

Hopped on that rickety bus,

The old man at the wheel,

Calmly says

“If you have any unfinished messages, send them now.

It will be a long time before you see that phone.”

We drive in silence,


Cold night and the hum of the bus engine.

We stop at a big auditorium,

Told some things given some items,

Then we are back on the bus.

The bus was silent,


Not a word was spoken on the trip.

We stopped at a building.

331 and a wolf.

I could see this under the orange hue of light.

A door burst open and all I saw was that hat,

Pulled low over his eyes,

Before you knew it he was on the bus,

Everyone off my F*cking bus now!

He screamed.

What a night.

The calm before the storm,

The bus ride to Basic Training.


via Daily Prompt: Calm


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