Our Old Apartment

I still think of our old apartment,
Old and breaking.
Mold everywhere.
Cleaned it everyday.
Water dripped from the walls.
I thought living by the water would be better than this.
I guess it is, but not when your poor.
We moved hundreds of miles with no jobs,
What a crazy thing to do.
How we got approved for that place,
Still amazes me.
I guess we have come a long way,
It all worked out.
But no matter how miserable the conditions.
I still miss that place,
It seemed no matter what nothing could bring us down.
Ramen Noodles every night.
Sleeping on a air mattress in a living room.
No other furniture.
No heater,
But we kept each other warm,
Even when we could see our breath in our own house.
Yes I still miss it. Would I want to move back,
I don’t know. Probably not.
It wouldn’t be the same.
I guess I just want that feeling again.
New Love.


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