Trivial Issues

I’m sorry but I’m not sorry,
My whole life I say sorry this,
And sorry that.

But why I ask,
I mean if I bump into you,
Or cut you off!
I will say sorry until I cannot say it any more.
For these are things I’m truly sorry for.

But if I say something you do not like,
I apologize hoping to write,
My wrongs or my mistake.
It seems so many do the same.
Just to appease those who remain,

Offended or Mad,
By words others say.
Words are words,
They do not break bones.
They do not kill.
But still,
People feel,
It necessary to turn the anger to 100
If you say you do not agree.

Being offended I just do not get,
Especially being offended on behalf of someone you’ve never met.
Or will ever meet.

But yet, the offense and opinions run rampant.

This is the time we live in,
You cannot say what you feel,
As what you say may offend.
Or reveal.
Something that someone 1000 miles away,
Feels is not ok to say.

They preach equality for all,
Unless you do not share every single view.
And if that is you,
Then you get a huge FUCK YOU!

I’m very polite and extremely nice.
I treat everyone I meet with the same level of respect,
No matter race,sex or even religion.
I know I’m far from special.
But how dare I say my Millennial Generation is acting insane.
And I say Gen X you should take some blame.
For you raised this weak generation.
Is anybody still sensible?
I don’t know
But I guess I should not blame.
Even if parenting was different it would probably be the same.

But there I go generalizing a generation,
So I’m just as bad,
As those who generalize someone who enjoys shooting guns,
As a conservative, racist hillbilly.
But I’m far from that,
But I’m also far from needing a safe place to run to.
I have met many Millennials,
That are far from the stereotype as well.

So I guess I’m stuck in the middle of Conservative and Liberal.
Its really whatever.

But goodness me,
The whinging about trivial issues is surely rampant.


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