Daily Prompt:Float- A Bros Fate

I float down the river,
Relaxing as I go,
I simply go with the flow,
Quite literally I know.
This is the good life.
The cool river,
Touching my back.
As I float carelessly down,
There is no turning back.
I go and I go,
Bottle in my hand.
It is beautiful out here…Oh yea I know man,
I talk to myself,
As I pass the time,
The alcohol taking control and the sun baking my skin,
This should be a sign.
I fall asleep,
A deep sleep.

As I slept,
The river swept,
Me right along.
Until I woke,
Sea water causing me to choke.
I had floated quite far,
Far from home.
Night has now begun to show.
I was sloshed around by the sea.
Goodness Me,
Drinking and floating on a river alone.
Now I see, this is the epitome,
Of absolute dumbness.
I guess I’m screwed.
Who would of knew.
This would be how I lose,
My life.
Hopefully I make it back,
To see my friends.
I mean dude.
What I would do,
To see a rescue crew.

via Daily Prompt: Float


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