Daily Prompt-The Invitation

A memorable moment in my life, I remember it well. I was sitting in math class not paying attention, bored being a horrible student per the usual. My friend and I were quietly talking. The teacher Mr. Ruiz droning on about math rules and guidelines I still do not know to this day. We were talking about video games how I played Xbox, he played PC. How I should start PC gaming, First Person Shooters are stupid and MMOs ruled. I sat an I listened, thinking hmm it does sound nice, a whole world to explore. The clock ticked closer to the bell. Tick Tick Tick.
A minute or two before the bell as we started clearing our desk, shoving everything into our backpacks. He stopped and said “you know what man?”
“Huh?” I replied. “Whats your email, I’ll send you an invite tonight. Once you are invited we both get rewarded. They have a free trial so you can check it out before you buy.” “Ok, here is my email.” As I handed him a stupid immature email name scribbled on a piece of notebook paper.

That night I rushed home and signed up and downloaded World of Warcraft, a game that changed my life. Hell I still play it nearly 11 years later. It all started with that simple, invitation. An invitation that I still remember so well.

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