When we grew up we said we would leave this place.
That it had left a bad taste.
We were over it,
We would all be rich and leave.
And even if we had to be poor and homeless,
It would be better than this place.
But here we are all these years later.
No one has left and if they did,
Not by more than twenty miles.

I thought I got away,
I moved hundreds of miles away.
But here today,
I remain,
Back in my hometown.
I guess its harder to leave than we envisioned.


6 thoughts on “Hometown

      1. Hmm that is a very good question. I guess at times it can be. We have such high hopes/expectations when we are young. Then life comes around and lowers them makes you complacent for a weekly wage, the want to take risks with money etc. becomes less and less. So I guess it is sad in reflection, of those hopes and dreams, or how you know what you want to change but fear of leaving that normalcy holds you back. Then again at the end of the day, I’m quite happy living my simple life 9-5 wife,baby on the way, able to comfortably live, eat etc. So I really do not know. A little of both I suppose. That is an excellent question though.

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      2. I guess so. I agree. Most of the time, if you look at the stats, the risk isn’t just worth it. There global economy isn’t just that good and the real opportunities just aren’t for every body. There s a certain systemic bias in the world. I guess expecting less and less is also part of being realistic about things, high hopes harbour a ton of not being practical , fruitless idealism and a ton of disappointment.
        I agree, a content simple life is in a sense a perfect life.
        Congrats with the baby. And a happy life.

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