I feel old,
Broken and forgotten.
But I’m only 23 how can that be?
I have done so much in these 23 years.
I feel 43.
But how will I feel when I’m 43?
Honestly it scares the shit out of me.
Cant you see?
I hurt,
Mentally and physically,
So much pain.
When I served in the Military,
I got a bad back,
Bad knees.
Then I still always reflect on the past.
Why cant I let it go?
Let the past be the past.
A distant memory that I only recollect on the drunkest nights?
But no I choose to think about it all the time.
It consumes me. Sitting in traffic thinking.
I need to let it go,
Like I’m Elsa or something.
I’m such a loser.


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