Addiction by Ready Set Poem

I trade one addiction for the next,
Smoking cigarettes,
Sometimes I overlap,
Caffeine jitters,
Smoke heavy on my chest.
I have not smoked in six months.
But damn if I’m not getting that itch.
An itch only a cigarette can scratch.
An itch that once scratched I will regret.
But continue to go down that road,
Until I realize I need to quit…Again.
I have gone down this road so many times before.
Same with alcohol,
I quit but replace with heavy caffeine usage.
I guess caffeine is more acceptable.
More manageable.
Part of me wants to just give it all up,
Part of me thinks life is too short to care about long term affects.
Which is right?
I don’t know.
I should find a balance right?
If only that was easy.


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