Friends by Ready Set Poem

I used to have friends,
People I would see often,
Laugh with,
Talk with
On a nearly everyday basis.
Now it seems to be only texts,
Saying “Hey want to hang next Friday, Like old times?”
“Yes, text me on Friday, we will get together.”
These plans never happen.
We make sure to repeat this every few months or so.
I guess as a way to show we still care.
I think neither one of us ever really plans on reconnecting.
How do you make time with family and work. It is all too much.
When that Friday finally rolls around.
You don’t want to be out,
In some dimly lit bar.
Awful music playing,
No I would rather be home,
Relaxing, finally.
Watching TV.
Playing Video Games.
No matter what you choose,
Just being home,
I don’t know…

Maybe it is just me.


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