The Date

I got home around six o’clock,
I changed my clothes from my shirt to my socks.
This time I put on a different type of outfit.
Damn I certainly looked terrific.

We got a bite to eat,
Hell I even pulled out your seat.
We spoke, for so long.
Talking about our hopes and dreams.
The old and new,
What do they call it shooting the breeze?

Anyway everything felt so new and exciting,
Sitting in that crowded restaurant,
You laughed at all my jokes.
It really feels like a long time since we had spoke.

But we had lost the time,
As we had spoken until way past 9.
Shit! We were late!

Well it had been a wonderful date,

10/10 I would approve,

I really love speaking to you,
But back to our baby we go,
I would really love to do this again…

Someday you know?



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