What’s that?

What’s that reek?

What’s that stink?

It’s smells like a putrid drink.

It’s nauseating I cannot think.

Ew it’s coming from the kitchen sink.

I have not done dishes in about a week.


I Wish…

I wish I could find another way to make money,
I’m sick, always thinking always planning or plotting.
I’m so tired of sitting in a cubicle working 40 plus hours a week for a paycheck I spend faster than I made it. I watch everyone around me becoming more and more complacent. They used to tell me about their dreams, their aspirations.
They all had plans. They all had dreams, and now their broken like wings.
They can no longer fly.

Shit I used to say I would rather die! But here I’am.



Daily Prompt: Dancing

I do not dance,
You will never catching me doing a prance.
I do not like dancing.

You can call me boring or lame,
When I go to the club I sit in the back and wonder why I even came.

I do not dance under the stars,
In my car
or at the bar.

No matter how many drinks,
You wont catch me moving my feet.

Maybe I will nod my head.
But shaking this body? I wouldn’t be caught dead.
So I’m here, I have arrived but I only came to be fed.
I will not dance, don’t ask again.
I wasn’t having a laugh, you heard what I said.

via Daily Prompt: Dancing


Make It Last

I watch you grow,
And boy you grow fast.
I wish I could make each day last.
But that is the funny thing about time.
Before you know it another day has come and another has past.

At first when you were around,
I’d grumble around.
I swear I love you,
But you make so much sound.

Or noise or more like screams,

You and I have no sense of time,
You are up at night like its the time to be alive.
Screaming then playing.
While I stand over you begging.
Please just one more hour, go to sleep.
I need it please.

You don’t care, Your wants come and go.
Jumping from objects like a flea.

Through it all though I love you so.
I would trade none of it, I tell you.
If I could I would make it slow.
Because before you know it you will grow and grow and grow.

You will be my big son,
That does sound fun,
But I know you will start your life and go away and do things that I will marvel at.
But I will miss these days too.
When you were just a little baby trying to get through.
All those tough days,
Teeth coming in
All the ruined clothes we had to throw in the bin.

I really love you I really do.
You grow so fast and soon your baby days will be in the past.
For now though I cherish every moment. Ill do my best to make them last.
I’m so glad I can call myself your parent.



I have not wrotten,
No that is surly not right.
I must have meant I have not write.
Hm that still is an awful sight.
I think I mean I need to write,
Or I have not written.
Yes it has been a while since I have written,
Today is the first and I feel like I’m #Winning.
I love to write I really do,
But it seems like my time says Na fuck you.
Or maybe I just make excuse, excuse.
Either way it does not matter.
Today I write. Ignoring all the chatter.
Writing line by line.
Babbling on like the mad hatter.
This is easy with no real thought.
But hey should it not?
I feel relieved, stresses gone for just a bit.
Now I can go on another stint.
Another break, another day I really don’t know what to say.
I should write each and every day.
It helps remove some of the gray.
But oh man another excuse.
The day to day grind and repeat,
Has me feeling incomplete.
Time wasted
If I stop and think,
God if i wrote everyday.
How much better I would be.
Eh whatever I guess I wait and see.
Maybe I will get better in my dreams,
And while I rest.
Writing everyday is a true test.
I guess,
I fail.


The Date

I got home around six o’clock,
I changed my clothes from my shirt to my socks.
This time I put on a different type of outfit.
Damn I certainly looked terrific.

We got a bite to eat,
Hell I even pulled out your seat.
We spoke, for so long.
Talking about our hopes and dreams.
The old and new,
What do they call it shooting the breeze?

Anyway everything felt so new and exciting,
Sitting in that crowded restaurant,
You laughed at all my jokes.
It really feels like a long time since we had spoke.

But we had lost the time,
As we had spoken until way past 9.
Shit! We were late!

Well it had been a wonderful date,

10/10 I would approve,

I really love speaking to you,
But back to our baby we go,
I would really love to do this again…

Someday you know?



This Place

I wish I could break away from this place,
This place that has left a disgusting taste.
This place that beats me down like a punch to the face.
Wow I really hate this office space.