Goodnight Son

I sit in a office all day wishing I was there,
Jolly sounding toys piercing the air.
Laughing and smiling without a care.
Wishing I could go play with my son. He just turned 1
But no I sit there
with a blank stare.
I get about an hour a night. Before its goodnight son I love you son. Sorry I don’t see you son. I’m doing this so you can have some cool toys, the food you need and everything else to give you a good life. Or so I think. Is it really needed? Of course it is but would he do better with less things and more time? Time is precious. Especially when its two days a week.
See I see him on the weekend
Literally the week end It feels like I  have missed the entire week
For that check
I’m wreck
I’m in debt
Life’s too real
I cant feel
I have been robbed of IT and still
I have been taught to go with motion without emotion
Its the only way to survive in this ocean.

Sorry for rambling. Goodnight Son…


Many Years…

I have loved you many years.
Even if each day my love you do not reciprocate.
I’am ill.
But still..
I miss and think about you each day,
I think of each way,
That we could be..
I really should pass on you,
I know its what my family would like to see.
So goodbye.?. No
I love you so,
Your so kind to me…
Until I feel that late night stumble
Making me truly humble.
I miss the way this relationship used to be,
It used to be fun and filled with glee.
We shared our love with our friends,
But now we are just alone most days.
Sitting on the couch everyone one in my house asleep music playing as I have a fixed glaze.
Yet ten years of my life have been a slave to your love.
For better or worse,
One day you will certainly put me in a hearse.
But with you I feel far from 6 feet down.
Even if I look like a clown.
Usually I carry a frown so anything is better.
After many years, I must say its time for us to go our separate ways.
I cannot be a slave for this alcohol.
No that is something I can not do at all.

*sorry for all of the grammatical errors. I wrote this intoxicated and quickly.

DailyPrompt:Simple by Ready Set Poem

I have always wanted a simple life.
In a simple home,
A simple Job,
Simple family.
Everything is just so simple.
There is but one problem.
Life is not simple.
So no matter how simple you try and make your life.
With your simple wife.
Claiming that you have no strife.
There is always that underlying issue.
That life is hard. No matter your cards,
That you have been dealt.
Life’s burdens can always be felt.

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You Will Be Dead Longer Than You are Alive.

“You will be dead longer than you are alive,
But if you look there is a light on.

Take your time realize that your sights gone.
We have had it so good,so good for so long,
That we have come to expect it as the norm,
Maybe its time our perspectives should change.” -Chewing On Tinfoil

This is one of my favorite quotes/lyrics, and figured what the hell
I would share with everyone.

Daily Prompt: Gone


We were best friends,

The day I got the call,

I did not believe it one bit.

I hung up,

It didn’t seem real.

Not being able to drive down.

I tried to carry on,

With daily activities,

Everything is normal.

Everything is fine.

My brain is clouded.

Rewinding memories.

The best and the worst.

We had good times mate,

So you are gone,

So long

Good friend rest in peace.



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