Criticize-Ready Set Poem

You always criticize,
Do you even realize?
The size of your thighs.

You tell me drinking beer is bad,
How I’m just covering up the fact I’m sad.
Well sorry to say,
But I would say,
The way you eat is really just the same.
So call me a shame.
Say I’m to blame!
But take a look in the mirror,
Before you criticize my beer.


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DailyPrompt:Simple by Ready Set Poem

I have always wanted a simple life.
In a simple home,
A simple Job,
Simple family.
Everything is just so simple.
There is but one problem.
Life is not simple.
So no matter how simple you try and make your life.
With your simple wife.
Claiming that you have no strife.
There is always that underlying issue.
That life is hard. No matter your cards,
That you have been dealt.
Life’s burdens can always be felt.

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You Will Be Dead Longer Than You are Alive.

“You will be dead longer than you are alive,
But if you look there is a light on.

Take your time realize that your sights gone.
We have had it so good,so good for so long,
That we have come to expect it as the norm,
Maybe its time our perspectives should change.” -Chewing On Tinfoil

This is one of my favorite quotes/lyrics, and figured what the hell
I would share with everyone.
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Daily Prompt: Gone


We were best friends,

The day I got the call,

I did not believe it one bit.

I hung up,

It didn’t seem real.

Not being able to drive down.

I tried to carry on,

With daily activities,

Everything is normal.

Everything is fine.

My brain is clouded.

Rewinding memories.

The best and the worst.

We had good times mate,

So you are gone,

So long

Good friend rest in peace.



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